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Little Helper

Our new product Little Helper is here.  These silicone enhancers are symmetrical in shape and provide full breast coverage.  Whether it's to add a cup size or to even out breasts, Little Helper is here to provide you with that assistance.  Sold on other sites for $54.99, you can't go wrong with ours at only $29.99 per pair!

Measurements (these are for each enhancer in a set of two): 

Size Weight  Dimension Projection
One Size    

3.5 oz

5 1/4" x 4 3/4"   Approx. 1 1/2" 

Each order of Little Helper silicone breast enhancer comes with a set of two (2) enhancers.

Important Notes:

1) Little Helper silicone breast enhancer is designed to enhance and they are not full breast forms.  For our full breast forms, please click here

2) Please do not use double sided tapes or other adhesives to attach breast enhancers to the FRONT side of silicone breast forms. Use our IT Stays body adhesive to attach the enhancers to your skin or to the BACK of your breast forms.