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Bra Strap Padding

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These super comfy bra strap padding is the answer to your bra slippage and shoulder pains. Silky soft silicone padding sits right on your shoulders to spread out the pressure from the weight of your breast forms, relieving shoulder pain. Any unnecessary irritations and shoulder indentation caused by bra straps will also be a thing of the past. These contoured silicone paddings are slim and undetectable under clothing. Just place them under your bra straps and they are secured, ready to go. Life is much more comfortable with our bra strap padding!

These come in a set of two and each pad measures 1 3/4" x 3".

Available in two colors:  Opaque or Nude

Note:  When ordering, please specify the color you want in the "Comments" section on the first page of the ordering form.  If you do not specify a color, we will automatically ship out the Nude for you.