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Breast forms are a great way to increase your bust size instantly. While many sites overprice their breast forms, we carry the best quality silicone breast forms at the lowest prices on the web. For proof, that ours are the best, click here.

Click here for sizing information to determine which size breast forms would be best for you.

The long awaited JUGGS are now available. They are the largest forms on the market! CLICK HERE to read more!

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Our Breast Forms are Better & Cost Less!

Silicone breast forms are becoming a popular alternative to breast implants for those who are mastectomy patients or need a larger bust size. Our goal is to provide a wide selection of sizes, the best quality, the lowest prices, and the highest respect with discreet shipping and excellent service.

The nipples on our breast forms are textured and perky, and are lifelike and realistic in look and feel and our quality is the best on the market.

Juggs breast forms. The most gigantic breastforms on the market.
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Product Reviews


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"Got my shipment of Juggs on the 7th. Wore them for the first time the following day and may I say I couldn't be more pleased. They're very soft; they bounce and sway like real breasts do and the weight is pleasingly heavy. In short they're a perfect substitute for the real thing! I've been looking for forms of this size for many years. I wanted to fill a 52L bra and found I could accomplish that by stacking two pair of size 18 forms. But my satisfaction was limited. When I first saw the Juggs on the internet and read the description I had great hope that my dream of filling that L cup with a SINGLE set of forms was possible. The Juggs exceeded my hope. They fill it very nicely! The added bonus is they feel like real breasts too. For the CDs of the world that want to have wonderfully enormous breasts this is the way to go. I promise you won't be dissappointed! Your prices are more than fair and the service is great!" -J

"Very pleased with my new forms -Their Huge! I am 5'8" 150 pounds. I wear a 38jj bra, and the forms still spill out. I think I'll try a k or kk bra. Your customer service and your product is great, I will make many future purchases from you. Incidentally, I will order some smaller forms to fit a DD cup bra." -Genevieve

forms are great. look, feel like the real thing! but size 11 too heavy for IT STAYS". Any better adhesives?" -Anonymous

ADMIN REPLY: The adhesive as mentioned on the page, is not going to hold the larger size forms without a bra, but it does hold them in place all day long, which is a struggle for those without adhesive. Thank you for your purchase!

When I received the breast forms and picked up the box I could not believe how heavy it was. The breast forms (size 12) weight 6 pounds and fit nicely into a 38F cup bra filling the entire cup. They feel real, look very good and worth the price I paid. These forms are big, but I would like to go bigger. I would like to see a size comparison between these forms and the new JUGGS with photos to see if I am ready for the increase size. Great service and quick shipping, thanks -Anonymous

I just wanted to tell somebody how wonderful my new forms are. I am wearing my new forms now and have tried them in diffrent styles of bras (softcup, molded cup, pushup, plunge, decollete), and they fit well in all but one. I love the look, feel, and bounce they give me and the weight is right for my frame. I am also impressed with the timely delivery. I was notified of shipment on 8/17, and they arrived at my door on 8/19, in plenty of time to wear them out that same evening. I was complimented by several GGs about my natural looking breasts, and that made me proud that I purchased them from your store. I will most certainly be using these forms whenever I try on new bras, dresses, or tops. They are a perfect fit in my 38DD or 40D bras. If I decide to go to a larger cup size your store will be my first choice. For the price I can't go wrong. Luv and Hugs -Jill

Check out a video demonstration of how these move: Breast Forms Video Demo